NIGID SAFETECH, (a subsidiary of NIGID PROTECT NIGERIA GROUP) is solely responsible but not limited for the installation and maintenance of security equipment (including CCTV cameras), Bomb detectors devices and other equipments. Though indigenous, it has bilateral relationship with some of the manufacturing security equipments in the Europe and USA which has continues to give us credence over our peers based on the quality of equipment we install and maintained nationwide.

To this end, our equipments has won acclaim and praises from our numerous customers and industry players especially Corporate bodies like Banks and Hotels for providing world class detectors and other security equipment.

Global Terrorism is a reality and Nigeria is not an exception.

Terrorist attacks involving explosion and weapons of mass destruction are real threats in Nigeria today.

To maintain an edge over terrorist organizations, it requires strategic planning, private/public sector partnership, technology integration, perpetual training and policy implementation with regulation to protect sensitive but unclassified information.

Nigidsafetech Provide turnkey solutions to government and military agencies, defence contractors, system integrators, corporations and venues.

Our ability to safeguard people, facilities and assets is achieved with strategic planning and technology integration, creating a safer world through awareness, innovation, training and protection of sensitive information is our mission.

Explosive devices (aka bombs) are the weapons or device for terrorist and terrorist organizations globally. Terrorists conceal explosive devices inside ordinary items including but not limited to briefcase, laptops, mailboxes, and trash cans.

Anti-terrorism technologies and services, such as x-ray inspection systems, bomb sniffing dogs, explosive trace detectors and explosive vapor detectors are being used to detect explosive devices.

Detecting a bomb before it explodes only begins the process for security personnel, first responders and Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) technicians who are responsible for neutralizing bomb threats safely and quickly.

Safely moving, containing and detonating the bomb after detection becomes the mission. Every bomb containment we sell is compatible with EOD Robots and backed by our 100% quality assurance, product testing policy.