NIGID Securities is engaged in the business of Security and Personal Hazards Protection.

The company is an indigenous accredited Security firm duly Registered under the Companies and Allied Matter Decree 1990 and License under the Private Companies Decree 1986 to carry on the business of providing Security in all its ramifications by Nigeria Security   and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC).

NIGID SECURITIES LIMITED (NSL) though indigenous has bilateral relationship with some of the Manufacturing Security Equipment in the Europe and USA thus our strength in the protection of Security hazards over time.

Nigid Securities has won acclaim and praise from Customers and Industry Players alike for providing world best Quality Guards and Protective Equipment.

Our products range from Guards, Plain – Body Guards, Dogs, Safety Equipment, Security Consulting and Financial Security Services.

Our products protect Royalty, Corporate Organization, Politicians, Government Establishments and Agencies, Supermodels, Film stars and Ultra High profile Business People.

Our unrivaled services are recognized within the industry and by our customers as the best available.

Due to the sensitivity of our client information, we cannot divulge specific details of the success of NIGID Securities and its products throughout Government Agencies / Establishment and Emergency services in Nigeria.