Within its first 20 years, staffing and HR services had become one of the world’s fastest-growing industries.

In its next 25 years or so, until the recent downturn, the value of the global markets for these services had grown to over N10 billion.

Yet staffing and other HR services are still in their infancy, even in many major economies. As in other young and growing industries, its global leaders must actively develop these markets. They must take responsibility for stimulating growth, introducing innovations, and developing their structures and regulatory environment. In doing so, they can ensure that strong long-term worldwide growth rates will continue for many decades to come.

In Nicety Management Consulting, many of the industry’s pioneers have come together to form such a global leader. Even in this year’s challenging conditions, we have been providing work for over 521,000 people around the world every day.

We will continue to shape the markets of tomorrow and develop growth opportunities wherever they present themselves. By giving employees the work they are best suited for, and by finding candidates for employers that make the best fit with their organization. And by doing so, providing true value to society as a whole