Nicety Management Consulting supports the Ma NIGID Foundation, which is actively engaged in shaping and supporting the community. The NIGID Foundation has touched the lives of over 20,000 families comprising of adults and children, empowering them through education and employability, giving them better health care and providing them a platform to learn, grow and lead better lives.


This is the child empowerment initiative of the Nicety Management Consulting Foundation. It seeks to provide holistic development to children enabling them to enjoy their right to education, healthcare and providing them the necessary support to realize their dreams.


This is a Paediatric Community project that provides quality health care to under-privileged children. No child should be denied health care and to ensure this over 100 paediatricians and many hospitals have come together to provide quality support to these children.


This trust was set up to improve the life of women and youth. The Foundation initiated Self Help Groups (SHGs) in the year 2004 to provide financial independence to women. GET has been recognized by the Ogwalu Women Development Corporation and many of the women have become small-scale entrepreneurs now.

Nicety Management Consulting believes that everyone has a right to succeed in this world and financial weakness should not be a restraining factor. Our community development programmes have touched the lives of many families and have provided education, health care and financial independence to many children and women.