CCTV has proved its value in many thousands of cases. Carefully integrated into retail, industrial or domestic security systems, it enables suspicious activity to be identified quickly. Recordings can be archived using hard disks and DVDs, and images can quickly be found by incident, location, date or time, and then emailed to the police or other authorities. The technology can also be used to augment simple access control systems, giving the small office or domestic user visual reassurance of the identity of a caller before granting entry.

Modern cameras are compact and easy to install, and can easily be adapted to any existing security installation. Where none exists, they can easily be connected to PCs or TVs

Basic Recorders

‘Plug and play’ simplicity

Modern CCTV systems are compact and discreet. They can be installed in any location to enhance security and your peace of mind. We can even enhance cameras with internet access, so you can ‘dial up’ your home when you are out and check on the baby sitter!

PC controls and remote access make CCTV a huge benefit in the modern home. We can provide a huge range of options, such as a camera at your front door linked to a channel on your TV, or even full remote monitoring and surveillance via our 24/7 Monitoring Centre.

We can configure your PC as a sophisticated CCTV control centre. Just add motion sensors and it can automatically record people moving around the home or outside – great for extra security, or to ensure that your children are playing safely

Complete image handling solutions

Metro CCTV surveillance systems are designed to your specific requirements, then configured and installed by our expert technicians. For many sites we recommend a system based on simple static cameras which can be monitored by your own staff. These systems can be upgraded as required and can show images from as many as 16 cameras on a central screen, with video being recorded for later use.

For more demanding applications, we can deploy the latest high-speed ‘dome’ cameras. These allow operators to track individuals using simple controls. For greater sophistication and night-time usage, ‘speed domes’ can be used. These will focus automatically on intruders when a detection device (such as a door sensor) is triggered. The camera quickly pans, tilts, zooms and focuses on that location, sending images which can be recorded for later us