Finding the appropriate solution for your wireless communications needs is critical. At Nigid Safetech you will always be given a professional opinion and competitive pricing. We only carry the best brands and our proposals are always reviewed and approved by a professional communications engineer. So, whether your needs are for two-way radios, broadband wireless systems, or in-building wireless Nigid Safetech will give you the best solutions. Below you will find the type of wireless solution most suitable for your application;

Two-Way Radios: We offer units for every application, from public safety, security, business, and marine uses to the cost effective units required by the personal or sports user. If your requirements call for high quality transceivers, receivers or surveillance radios, Nigid Safetech has a model adequate to your needs, please fill out our information request form or contact a Nigid Safetech representative for availability and price information.

In Building Wireless: Indoor coverage of office buildings, hotels, malls, airports, and public buildings is critical. Public safety personnel must have wireless connectivity even when working inside buildings or underground structures. Cellular telephone users value reliable coverage from their service provider even while inside office buildings, garages, or the subway. Nigid Safetech can design and install broadband infrastructure to anywhere in your building, campus, facility, hospital, or airport terminal. We can offer solutions for virtually any communications radio band including 700MHz and 800MHz for public safety, conventional cellular bands, PCS, 3G, etc.

Military Communications: For demanding government or military applications where reliable operation in rugged terrain is required Nigid Safetech can supply Military Standard (MIL-STD) equipment. These units have been tested under the most demanding shock and vibration conditions for optimum performance in the field. Contact us for pricing on HF, VHF, and UHF transceivers; field telephones; spare parts; and most types of replaceable batteries.

Security and Intelligence: Our expertise in the field of radio communications and RF engineering makes Nigid Safetech the ideal partner for federal or local government organizations that have requirements for radio spectrum monitoring, signal analysis, or direction finding (DF) systems.