Screening vehicles for VBIED, explosives, weapons, narcotics, stoways and other prohibited contrabands is now possible with vehicle screening, vehicle inspection and vehicle checkpoint solutions from the Nigid SafeTech.


The scanner system scans and stores under-vehicle images on the system to enable security personnel verify alert and rapidly respond to IED threats. It can be fitted with an integrated complementary system such as biometrics screening for drivers & passengers. This system also comes as a portable explosive detective system for vehicle interiors. It is designed to inspect vehicles on-the-move to endure high throughput of vehicles at the entry point. It has a high-speed, high frame route area scan camera to capture a segment of the under vehicle and apply state-of-the-art image stitching algorithm to produce high-quality image of the under carriage.

We believe in offering customers a multi-layered approach for clearing vehicles through gates, checkpoints, based on predetermined threat levels. Our solutions are scalable from low to high volume vehicle screening, vehicle inspection and vehicle checkpoints requirements.

Consulting and training for vehicle screening, vehicle inspection and vehicle checkpoint requirements are also available for internal and external security guards from Nigid SafeTech.