The world is becoming a more dangerous and unpredictable place. Therefore, most of our clients, including business travelers and senior executives, are facing more challenging security environments. Today there are multiple threats facing travelers and executives, greatly increasing their vulnerability and thus risk. For example, in certain geographic locations, there is now a much greater risk of kidnapping for ransom, and in others there is simply a greater risk of random violence occurring. The need for executive protection is rapidly growing.

We at Nigid Securities believe in the old adage that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Accordingly, we can provide an assessment of the real risk that someone, such as an executive or traveler, might face and offer the means by which that risk can be mitigated or even eliminated. As we develop the executive protection plan, we also offer tailored training for executives to increase situational awareness and to provide the methods by which potentially problematic situations can be avoided. We can employ sophisticated, state-of-the-art technical surveillance countermeasures. Additionally, if necessary, we can provide bodyguards or other security personnel who are fully licensed and highly trained. We are available to our clients on a 24/7 basis which could be critical should the need arise. However, while the threat might be predictable, the timing rarely is. In short, our clients have learned that when they need us, we are ready.

We should point out that executive protection is only one aspect of an adequate overall security program. Background screenings, site security, event security, to name a few of our services, are integrally part of our process of ensuring that our clients have a fully functioning security program that does what it is supposed to do: protect them.