NIgid securities specializes in providing innovative and cost-effective burglar alarms for businesses and homes. Whether you need a business security system or a home security alarm, NIgid securities has the in-depth security expertise and knowledge of leading-edge security technology to ensure your property and assets are protected at all times.

Our experience is based on practical application, not theory. The entire NIgid securities management team and Burglar Alarms Division has law enforcement training, allowing us to take our crime-fighting experiences and knowledge of the criminal mindset, and combine it with state-of-the-art burglar alarm systems to secure our customers from possible intrusions and burglaries. This translates into a major advantage for our burglar alarm customers, who benefit enormously from having a truly expert team of security specialists provide them with the best possible protection at all times.

Another advantage NIgid securities offers is that we can provide a comprehensive burglar alarm service to our customers that’s unmatched by other burglar alarm companies. Our burglar alarm services include everything from the initial security assessment and installation to 24/7 alarm monitoring and alarm response. And since NIgid securities is equipped with a fully-staffed team of security officers, we can uniquely provide our burglar alarm customers with a Security Response Team that’s available to handle alarm response activations, anytime day or night. Additionally, our burglar alarm service includes access to our 24/7 customer service and support team that’s also always available to ensure 100% complete client satisfaction.

Whether you need a business security system or a home security alarm, NIgid securities offers the latest in wireless and hardwired burglar alarm technology.  We also offer a variety of CCTV and Access Control systems.

NIgid securities security and burglar alarm specialists are available to speak with you for a free risk assessment to determine how our innovative burglar alarms can solve your business and home security needs.