Our guards have continued to project the image of our organization basically because they are humble, Customer friendly but remain firm and agile.

Our guards compulsorily pass through the company medical test and prevent theft, espionage, fraud, arson, burglary, and robbery.

Our guards basically have the following characteristics:

(a) They can perform the duties of bodyguards and orderly for they are well trained in executive and security situation analysis, the knowledge required for modern day protection security.

(b) They have acquired the act of arresting criminal combating armed banditry.

(c) They effectively control movement, deter unauthorized visitors and infiltrators in a working environment.

(d) They can exhibit modern protective Security functions and techniques and are very proficient in basic fire cause; point fire and home acquired fire fighting techniques.

(e) They are trained to give oral useful security reports.

(f) Avert or neutralize work for action strikes.

(g) They can exhibit concern in martial art by the use of PR24 which have 24 modern refers medianums at the teakwando repairs tactics.

(h) Our guards have third eyes for Security description of persons for easy identification.

We are delighted to introduce other products that have also won NIGID world acclaim.