This affordable Security system was top rated by a well known consumer product rating magazine in the United Kingdom as the best Security system worldwide. It features a voice dialer system that calls some friends or neighbors in the event of a break in, and plays a message recorded in the owner’s voice indicating a problem at the Protected Residence.

A listening feature allows the person answering the call to hear what is going on inside the home / office, and take appropriate control. It has a telephone responder, which allows you to control your X – cam module, via e.g. mobile phone all over the world. The system has capacity to call up to 4-5 people with their programmed Telephone numbers at once. It is also used for other purpose like fire out break, intruders etc, the Voice Dialer Machine (VDM) has an in built siren which has the capacity to pierce the ear because of the pitch. When the siren of the voice dialer machine is on, no one can hang around the premises;