NIGID is known worldwide for its complete wireless surveillance solutions, Xcamp2p as soon as it detects movement, the xcampir activates the VCR and transmit an A/V signal to it. The transfer is made by the 2.4GHX antenna of a camera with high quality resolution even through wall and ceiling without additional coaxial cables.

  1. a) XCAME2: The wireless camera uses latest camera technology to bring high quality colour pictures at a reasonable price. It has an automatic white balance, gain control and on chip auto exposure. It is designed for an indoor use.
  2. b) ROBOCAM: With xcam2 kit, it is already possible to transfer pictures and sound to a TV set or monitor, with high quality resolution, even through walls and ceilings. The Robocam accessories increase the Xcam2 flexibility to its maximum; they allow to move the Camera from left to right, up and down in order cover 240 degree. With the remote control, the user can remotely move the position of camera to monitor whatever he wants and he can store up to 4 pre – set position, it is ideal when one is away.