Upon occasion a client may find it necessary to terminate an employee or perhaps have a broader reduction in the workforce. While most terminations occur without a problem, occasionally terminations can generate strong emotions and the possibility of a violent response from the terminated employee(s). We routinely counsel our clients how to terminate an employee to minimize the risk of workplace violence occurring as part of the termination process. We also assist them in dealing with workplace violence, should it occur. Furthermore, should there be problems with the terminated employee post-termination, we have the experience and expertise to evaluate the risk and take appropriate action to prevent a former employee from disrupting the safety and security of the workplace and becoming a threat to the other employees.

Similarly, upon occasion, a client might be confronted with an employee who is experiencing a problem in his or her home life that spills out into the office. We work with our clients to make sure that the appropriate safeguards are in place to deter workplace violence, secure the work environment, and ensure that the problem employee receives appropriate assistance.